Sapphire Ice Feeling IPL & Sterilization Laser Hair Removal Device-T015K

Short Description:

* 400000 Flashes, Super Long Lifespan
* Self-cleaning bacteria charging base
* Sapphire freezing point painless
* Intelligent skin color recognition

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Product Parameter

1: Name: IPL hair removal device
2: Model: T015K
3: Color: white, black, green
4: Host size: 206x113x91.5mm
5: Adapter input voltage: 100-240V~50/60HZ
6: Rated voltage: 24V-2A
7: Maximum output energy: 15.7J
8: Light emitting area: 3.7cm²

9: Wavelength: 510-1200nm
10: Rated power: about 48W
11: Product N.W: 356G
12: Product G.W 1.41KG
13: Number of flashes: 400,000 times
14: Working Energy: 5 levels
16:Packing list: 1*Host,1*Lamp Head, 1*Adapter,1*Charging Cable, 1*Protective Glasses

Features Of The Sapphire Ice Feeling IPL & Sterilization Hair Removal Device-T015K

❃ Beauty salon level, sapphire freezing point painless hair removal
❃ Intelligent skin color recognition technology (automatically adjust the energy level according to the depth of skin color)
❃ Manual + automatic + skin color recognition mode (freely switch between three light emitting modes)
❃ 5 levels of adjustment, suitable for different skin tones
❃ Sterilization base design, self-cleaning and sterilization

How To Use The Sapphire Ice Feeling IPL & Sterilization Hair Removal Device-T015K ?

Step 1:

Before use, please clean and wipe the depilated part with water, and then shave hair.

Step 2:

Connect the hair removal to the adapter plug.

Step 3:

Press the “power button” for 2s,it will start ,it’s default gear 1 when turn on.

Step 4:

The device is equipped with 1-5 gears.The default gear is 1 when starting up. Press the “Start Up” button.

Step 5:

Wear the special goggles equipped with the product(or sunglasses) to protect your eyes.

Step 6:

After hair removal, long press the “shut down key”.The device will turn off automatically after 5 minutes no using.

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