KOUMYA LED Facial Skin CareRadio Frequency Device

Short Description:

Function: RF+R, EMS+B, RF+EMS+R, COOL+B + massage + photo-therapy

  • EMS+RF Mixed Feeling
  • Moisturizing and Serum Introduction-Double Absorption
  • 6-42°C Hot & Cold Treatment- Open & Shrink Pores
  • EMS-Lifting
  • Red Light-Skin Rejuvenation
  • Blue Light-Fade Acne

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1: Model: KM-18
2: Name: Four Rings Variable Frequency RF EMS Light Theraphy Device With Cooling Function
3: Color: Blue& Grey Gradiant (Standard), Pearl White & Pink( For Optional)
4: Material: ABS+PC mixed environmental protection
5: Battery: 7.4V 750mAh 5.55wh
6: Maximum power: 9 W
7: Charging standard: 5V-1.5A TYP-C
8: Standby time: 45 days
9: Vibration frequency: 8000±10% rpm four modes
10: Temperature range: 6-42°C (±1°C)
11: Charging time: about 2 hours
12: Machine weight: 160 grams
13: Finished product weight: 350 grams
14: Host size: 168*36*34mm
15: Red light wavelength: 640nm / Blue light wavelength: 420nm
16: Head conductive material: food medical grade 304 stainless steel
17: Function: RF+R, EMS+B, RF+EMS+R, COOL+B + massage + phototherapy

Appearance patent, quality inspection report, CE, ROHS, FCC, etc

Ordinary version

1*Host; 1*USB Charging Cable;1*User Manual

Luxury version

1*Host; 1*USB Charging Cable;1*User Manual;2*Gel;1*Base

Detailed selling points of KOUMYA LED Facial Skin Care Radio Frequency Device

● EMS+RF mixed feeling: Experience the combined feeling of EMS and RF technology to provide your skin with firming and repair at the same time to achieve the best results.

● Introduction to moisturizing and essence - double absorption: Utilize the function of the device to enhance the absorption of moisturizer and essence, thereby improving the skin's hydration and nutrient absorption, making the complexion plumper and healthier.

● 6-42°C Hot and Cold Care - Open and Shrink Pores: By adjusting the temperature from hot to cold, this treatment helps open and shrink pores, promote skin metabolism and improve texture, resulting in a smoother, tighter complexion.

● EMS-Lift: Utilizing EMS technology, gentle electrical currents stimulate muscle contraction, enhancing skin firmness and lift, revealing clearer contours and a youthful, lifted appearance.

● Red light skin rejuvenation: Red light therapy has been shown to promote cell regeneration and repair, improve uneven skin tone, fine lines and pigmentation, leaving the complexion radiant and youthful.

● Blue light lightens acne: Blue light therapy is an effective way to treat acne, killing the bacteria that cause acne and reducing inflammation without causing damage to the skin, helping to reduce acne and blemishes.

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