China Factory Rf Ems Beauty Instrument

Short Description:

Function: RF+R, EMS+B, RF+EMS+R, COOL+B + massage + photo-therapy

  • Moisturizing and Serum Introduction-Double Absorption
  • 6-42°C Hot & Cold Treatment- Open & Shrink Pores
  • EMS-Lifting
  • Red Light-Skin Rejuvenation
  • Blue Light-Fade Acne

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1: Model: KM-18
2: Name: Four Rings Variable Frequency RF EMS Light Theraphy Device With Cooling Function
3: Color: Blue& Grey Gradiant (Standard), Pearl White & Pink( For Optional)
4: Material: ABS+PC mixed environmental protection
5: Battery: 7.4V 750mAh 5.55wh
6: Maximum power: 9 W
7: Charging standard: 5V-1.5A TYP-C
8: Standby time: 45 days
9: Vibration frequency: 8000±10% rpm four modes
10: Temperature range: 6-42°C (±1°C)
11: Charging time: about 2 hours
12: Machine weight: 160 grams
13: Finished product weight: 350 grams
14: Host size: 168*36*34mm
15: Red light wavelength: 640nm / Blue light wavelength: 420nm
16: Head conductive material: food medical grade 304 stainless steel
17: Function: RF+R, EMS+B, RF+EMS+R, COOL+B + massage + phototherapy

Appearance patent, quality inspection report, CE, ROHS, FCC, etc

Ordinary version

1*Host; 1*USB Charging Cable;1*User Manual

Luxury version

1*Host; 1*USB Charging Cable;1*User Manual;2*Gel;1*Base

Selling Points Of Our Rf Ems Beauty Instrument:

● Innovative RF+EMS mixed sensation: Our beauty device combines the power of radio frequency (RF) and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to provide a unique and effective skin care experience.  RF technology helps tighten and rejuvenate skin, while EMS stimulates facial muscles for a firmer, lifted look.

● Four-rings frequency conversion RF EMS photo therapy: Our beauty instrument uses advanced four-ring frequency conversion RF EMS photo therapy. The technology enables precise, targeted treatment to address a variety of skin concerns including wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and dull skin tone.

● 304 Stainless Steel Thermal Head: Our beauty instrument is equipped with a thermal head made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. This material ensures better thermal conductivity, making the device safer to use and providing a more comfortable experience for users.

● Fast and long-lasting ice application: In addition to the heating function, our beauty device also provides fast and long-lasting ice application. This cooling effect helps reduce inflammation, soothe skin and minimize the appearance of pores. It is ideal for calming the skin after radio frequency and EMS treatments.

● Full Certifications: Rest assured, our RF EMS beauty device has obtained all necessary certifications. We have appearance patents, quality inspection reports, and certifications from authoritative organizations such as CE, ROHS, and FCC. This guarantees the quality, safety and compliance of our products with international standards. With these additional selling points, our RF EMS beauty devices provide comprehensive and advanced skin care solutions that deliver effective and noticeable results.

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